Tirana Culture Tour

Information about the Tour:

Tirana has been the Capital of Albania starting from the year 1920. Tirana is the center of the Politic, Culture, and Economic life of Albania. Tirana is also the most significant museum, the Historical National Museum of Albania. Of course, in Tirana, you can realize a bit about the modern life of Albanians. The traffic is also the charm of this big city that inside will live more the 1.3 million people.

Schedule of the Tour:



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Stop At: Skanderbeg Square, At the center of Tirana, Albania.


The tour will lead you first to 1. Skanderbeg Square, the heart of the city, is where people meet, walk, relax and enjoy concerts and events. The Square is named after the Albanian national hero and is one of the biggest squares in Albania. The guide will tell you the story of the main buildings around the Square, such as *The Palace of culture, one of the most important cultural buildings built during the communist era. *The Clock Tower of Tirana; a first-category cultural monument *Et'hemBey Mosque; located in the center of Tirana, one of the oldest mosques not only in Albania but all over the Ballkan (Visit 15') *National Historical Museum (Visit Optional)


Duration: 30 minutes


Stop At: Blloku, Tirana Albania


Ish-Blloku (the former Block), known as Blloku, is the most famous area for bars, restaurants, night clubs. There it is, the house of the former communist dictator Enver Hoxha. "Blloku" has this name because, during the dictatorship, this area was isolated from other parts of Tirana and strictly forbidden to the inhabitants of Tirana, as the Political Bureau of the Albanian Communist Party lived and worked there.


Duration: 30 minutes


Stop At: BunkArt 2, Rruga Abdi Toptani, Tirana Albania


Bunkart 2 museum. It tells the story of the Albanian police (secret police called Sigurimi) during the time of communism.


Duration: 1 hour


Stop At: Fortress of Justinian, Rr. Murat Toptani, next to Parliament, Tirana Albania

You will have a visit to the Fortress of Justinian, or known as Tirana Castle. Its history dates back to 1300 and is a remnant of the Byzantine era. The fortress is where the central east–west and north–south roads crossed and formed the heart of Tirana. In the renovations of which today, the Toptani Family, who owned it, has erected a modern multifunctional center for visitors during their stay in Tirana.


Duration: 30 minutes


Stop At: Saint Paul Cathedral, Bulevardi Zhan d'Ark, Tirana, Albania.


You will visit Saint Paul Cathedral. The Cathedral was built in late 2001 and is among Tirana's newest and most significant cathedrals. It belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tiranë

- Durrës. There is and mother Teresa Statue.


Duration: 15 minutes


Stop At: Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania, Rr. e Kavajes 151, Tirana 1001 Albania

Coming back to the center, you are going to visit Orthodox Church.


Duration: 15 minutes


Pass By: Clock Tower, Sheshi Skenderbej, next to Et'hem Bey Mosque, Tirana, Albania.


The Clock Tower of Tirana, a first-category cultural monument


Pass By: Pazari I Ri, Shenasi Dishnica, Tirana 1001 Albania.


The New Pazar is located east of the central boulevard and Scanderbeg Square. It used to be the old bazaar of Tirana craftsmen. Today, with the investment of the Tirana Municipality, it has become an important center not only for food supply but also where you can spend your time in coffee shops and modern restaurants. 

Duration of the Tour: 4 hours.

The price includes the tour guide and the ticket for entering the Historical Museum.

Price per person:  35 euros (two persons till four persons), 20 euros (5 persons till ten persons), 15 euros (10 persons and up).