Saranda Culture Tour

Information about the Tour:

Saranda is the most important city in the southern part of Albania. A mix of the Sea, the ancient Town of Butrinti, the Lake, the Castle of Lekurs, and the Blue Eye Natural Spring.

Schedule of the Tour:

We start the tour from the center of Saranda, and by private transport, we visit the ancient Town of Butrinti, which is the most important one in Albania. Then, in two hours and a half, we will see a very, very large History, starting from the Ilirians, the Greek period, Roman Period and so on… after this moving by private transport, we will visit the Blue Eye Natural Spring, in the middle of the Mountains, and also have a coffee break too.We will end the tour by visiting the Castle of Lekursi at 700 meters the level of the Sea, having a beautiful view under Us, and we will enjoy a traditional Lunch from the area of Saranda, with Fish and different salads too.

Duration of the Tour: 8 Hours.

The price includes Private transport, the tour Guide, the Lunch and coffee break and the Tickets for the Blue Eye and Butrint.

Price per person:  90 euro (2 persons), 70 euro (3 persons), 55 euro (4 persons and up).