Booking Type: Adventure

“Adventure Tour in Theth Village.”

Information about the Tour: Discover beautiful Theth, a traditional village deep at the heart of the Albanian Alps. Situated at the end of a winding mountain road, Theth is home

Albania Land of the Eagles – Adventure Tour

Albania is called the land of Eagles, for the simple reason of the beautiful Nature that has all over, with big Mountains and Peaks, waterfalls and springs and Canyons and

Wine Tasting

Information about the Tour: Cobo & Alpeta Winery is located in two beautiful touristic villages, In Poshnje and Roshnik village, in Berat. This Tour will offer a real taste of

Tomorri Mountain

As with Mount Olympus, Mount Tomorr’s presence in Albanian geography and folklore overshadows all other natural wonders of the land. With its imposing height of 2416 meters above sea level,

Waterfall of Sotira

Information about the Tour: Sotires waterfall is one of the most unique in Albania, located at the northeast foot of Mt. Tomorri-the primary source forms from the longitudinal cracks in

Adventure Tour in Valbona Valley.

Information about the Tour: Valbona Valley and Valbona National Park cover the eastern part of the Albania Alps. It is one of Albania’s most unique natural resources, covering 8,000 ha, with 200 km of